Eclairs de Scène

35rd edition : 25th-29th May 2021

International Theatre Festival

"Éclairs de Scène"



Call for applications

You wish to participate?






You must return in priority your certificate of application, followed by the completed application form before 7th January 2021. It is then submitted to the selection jury. Your participation is ensured only if your Application is approved by the jury.


There are some requirements concerning your participation in the Festival :


A – Programmation


It is imperative that you respect the actors' age limit of 6 to 21 years old.

The duration of the performance must not exceed 1h (the installation and removal of the setting  included).

Musicals are not accepted.

The organisation takes responsibility for 15 actors and 2 accompanying adults at most and if you come with two troupes, for 23 actors and 3 adults for both groups.


B –  Administration and logistic


Any incomplete application will be rejected.

You must imperatively enclose the Parental Authorizations for the minors, the Authorizations for use of image and the Health Insurance. (after the selections)


The transport costs to Toulouse are the group's responsibility, as well as the personal expenses incurred during the stay.


The presence of the troupe is expected for the entire duration of the Festival. The welcoming of the groups occurs the day before the start of the Festival, and the departure either after the closing session or the day after.


Only the groups whose VISAs are confirmed before 12th April 2021 will be able to participate.


C – Theatrical presentation


The festival does not supply the sets nor the accessories.

Each troupe is submitted to the eye of the jury. The event is not a competition. No prize is attributed, but the Jury gives a distinction that points out a particular quality of the performance, and a trophy.

The Festival is not an individual programme. Your presence is expected during the other groups' performances and at the opening and closing sessions.